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(CSNX-9124) is part of the SoniXCast Broadcast Network streaming from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 
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Friday Night New Wave
Every Friday night, we play all the best hits (and misses!) from the 80s New Wave era! You can send us your requests anytime! Come check it out... Friday Night New Wave, Fridays at 8 PM Eastern Standard Time, on Wave 80!
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We have so many ways to take your requests... The Chatbox and the private message box (both to the right -->), our Twitter account (@Wave80radio), good old-fashioned email (, and via the Wave80 App! And don't forget the Skype link up there... You could hear yourself on the air!  We want to play what you want to hear, so tell us now!

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Wave80 has been experiencing unprecedented growth lately... Record listener numbers every week... THANK YOU! Our awesome listeners are what keeps us going! That means YOU! :)
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